Blaise Magnenat

We speak of quantum medicine more and more. Quantum physics has changed our notion of classical Newtonian physics. Over these last decades, the quantum idea have been altering the paradigms of medicine and psychology.

We owe this fantastic breakthrough in improving our welfare and health to Russian scientists. Considering Russia is located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, and concerning the scientific level, Russia acts as a connecting link between occidental (allopathy) and oriental (Chinese, Ajurvedic etc.) medicines. This wonderful synergy is best known as quantum medicine.

Let’s get more detail about the works of two Russian physicists: Vladimir Nesterov’s and Vadim Zeland’s.

Vladimir Igorevitch Nesterov is a member of the Academy of Medical Science and Technology. He is the inventor of the nonlinear diagnostics system based on the logic of quantum entropy as well as the work of his uncle, soviet physicist Svyatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov.

Vadim Zeland has a metaphorical and poetic vision of quantum physics. Following a series of dreams, he had established relationship between psychology and quantum physics. He is the author of the book series called Reality Transurfing. His work describes a model for the creation of one’s own reality. According to Zeland, our reality is the result of our intention.

For the sake of understanding, we will develop these two approaches in more details. Then I will propose a synthesis resulting from my clinical experience.

Nonlinear diagnostic and metatherapy

Nonlinear diagnostic is performed by nonlinear computer-aided diagnostic device that was created and developed by Professor Vladimir Igorevitch Nesterov and his scientific group based in Omsk in Siberia.

Metatron NLS is a device that analyzes frequencies of our various organs and tissues to convert them into digital data that can be “read” by software.

More than just a simple device, Metatron is a genuine therapeutic concept based on the precepts of oriental medicine and quantum physics. Due to the close relationship between magnetic fields and biological systems, it allows to perform medical checkup to incomparable degree in terms of detail enabling visualization of potential pathological processes to the level of the DNA.

Once the checkup completed, Metatherapy function (an evolution of the bioresonance) send “information” that harmonize local imbalance letting our organs and cells be at their harmonic frequencies by resonance to their symphony.
A major advantage of this technique is to act on the pre-disease states. This is a wonderful opportunity to make prophylaxis.


Transurfing is the art of directing one’s course of life. The course of life being a result of causes and effects, it’s our life until now. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotions make us oscillate at a particular frequency. By quantum resonance, this frequency resonate with a part of the space of variations (information field where everything exists). It is the quantum phenomenon that manifests our reality. Hence the world is a double mirror. There is on one side of the mirror the space of variations and on the other one, the manifested reality.

Transurfing teaches us there is no point in putting a lot of energy to realize our projects. Just “change” frequency and then you will automatically project yourself into another part of the space of variations. We do create nothing since everything already exists in this metaphysical dimension Transurfing called the space of variations.

To enable this “quantum leap” from one course of life to another, there are some rules Vadim Zeland teaches us:

The Observer

The wave-particle duality is the basis of quantum vision. It is the intention of the Observer that creates the result of an experiment. If the Observer watching an electron expects to see a particle, it will be a particle. If the Observer expects to see a wave, it will be a wave. The intention of the observer creates the event.

Transurfing transposes this procedure to our daily routine, our relationships, our business… our lives. The Observer observes the projection of his own conscience. Zeland proposes to go further. The Observer is not only a passive posture of dissociation. The very act of observing changes the event.

Being in a position of the observer is to be in a state of serenity, listening to our own feelings.

Reducing importance

Importance is inadequate assessment of the perception of a situation, an object, a value, a person. One of the key ideas of Vadim Zeland is that everything in the Universe tends to balance. Everything is simple. There should not be any complications. So all of our problems, our stress, our worries and our projects that have failed are the result of what we attached importance to.

Importance creates an excess potential which causes counterbalancing forces to bring a dynamic balance. It works at all levels. Writing this article, I could put importance on making it perfect (an excess potential), thereby initiating counterbalancing forces (the postponement, cut me out of my creative resources, or even a computer problem). On the contrary, I could take writing an article easy and treat it like a game so ideas would come to me easily and synchronicity occur in my reality.

To illustrate this liberation from importance, let me make a literary digression to the end of Bulgakov’s masterpiece, The Master and Margarita featuring a fantastic ride through the streets of Moscow.

The great writer called “The Master” dedicates such a passionate attention to the manuscript that he is ready to die for it. But he follows the advice of his demon (which is actually his good guide, maybe the Observer for Transurfing) and burns his precious manuscript in the stove. His teacher then makes this beautiful remark: What a beautiful light!

And by burning his manuscript, he found the main thing: the very essence of his soul.
The response of the French poet Jean Cocteau goes in the same direction. When a journalist asked him what he would take with him if his house was burning Cocteau answered the fire!

I suggest recalling how many fires in your life you attached importance to. It changes our perception of our lives. Decrease importance to find a lapse and clarity of childhood. Vadim Zeland invites us to remain like children swimming in a river on a beautiful summer afternoon.