In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg launched Meta to open up the access to the Metaverse, and Russian scientists in the early 2000s created Metatron to open up the access to the universe of the human body.

In the last couple years, health has become a key topic of our lives. It is minded, when people congratulate each other, they talk about it on TV, try to enjoy a green old age with the help of medicines, vaccines and natural home remedies. The leading scientists of our time take the challenge to research innovative treatment meth- ods, and ordinary people argue about their effectiveness and safety. Many developments that have been in the sidelines for many years are now the hottest new trends. Not so long ago, the Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2008, Luc Montagnier, stated that the coro- navirus responds to treatment by using bioresonance therapy. Meanwhile, as often was the case in history,n the last couple years, health has become a key topic the international leaders in the study of this method are Russian scientists and, as often was the case more than once, the method is more popular abroad than at home. Since 1990, research on the method of bioresonance diagnostics and therapy has been conducted at the Omsk Institute of Practical Psychophysics. The Institute was founded by Vladimir Igorevich Nesterov, the President of the International Academy of Nonlinear Diagnostic Systems, member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences. Together with his wife Vera Ivanovna Nesterova, Vladimir Igorevich had worked in academic medicine for more than 10 years, and then they began to study alternative medicine in the form of Foll courses, iridology and homeopathy. In 2005, a team of scien- tists, led by Vladimir Igorevich, made a revolutionary breakthrough in diagnostic medicine — they created a hardware and software complex of nonlinear diagnos- tics “Metatron”. The method of screening diagnostics of dysfunctional changes in the body proposed by them ranks second to none, it allows you to get the maximum amount of information about the patient’s health condi- tion in a short time of examination.

We managed to meet Vera Ivanovna Nesterova, the head of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics for more than 20 years, in Moscow. Vera Ivanovna feels the spirit of the Soviet era, when her stupendous amount of knowl- edge is combined with amazing modesty and simplicity. I’m not exaggerating here: to work on the device, you need to understand traditional and alternative medicine, psychology and even quantum physics. Asking about the principles of operation and applicable scope of the device, I learned about biofields, a complex approach to health, preventive diagnostics and personal responsibility of the patient. And I realized that now is the time when everyone should understand these issues.

Q: Vera Ivanovna, what is the advantage of the device compared with traditional diagnostic methods?

A: I have worked in academic medicine for a long time: after graduating from the Omsk Medical Academy, Vladimir Igorevich and I have worked for more than twenty years in therapy, where we had the opportu- nity to verify developments in practice in the field of President of the International Academy of Nonlinear Diagnostic Systems, Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences Vladimir Igorevich Nesterov.

Before any disease manifests itself, it goes through six stages of development, and if you notice it in the first five stages, a person will remain healthy. Unfortunately, traditional diagnostic methods don’t have it in them, and our development sees unapparent diseases.

 Diagnostics on the hardware and software complex “Metatron”

Hardware and software complex “Metatron”


bioresonance of the Institute of Practical Psycho- physics. Not many people can afford such verifica- tion of their technologies. We became certain that the bioresonance method perfectly identifies mature processes in the body, which were confirmed with the help of classical diagnostics.

But before any disease manifests itself, it goes



is not to treat a disease, but to teach a person to be healthy, and when a patient visually, dynamical- ly, assesses the change in his health condition, he

begins to take responsibility for it. When diagnosing on the device, the patient gets a complete picture

of the body state, sees weaknesses and determinants of disease. A fundamentally new approach is being formed: if the task of classical medicine is to bring a person out of disease into a certain intermediate state between health and disease, then we are involved

in preventive and health medicine. The organism is considered here as an integral whole. I won’t hide it: It appeals to me. We don’t treat the symptoms, but look for the cause of the disease. The genius of Nesterov, in my opinion, lies in the fact that when forming the technology, he managed to combine all the best practices of Europe and Asia. This includes

valeology, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and reflexology, the Foll method, herbal medicine and, of course, the entire experience of traditional medicine. Such a variety of methods included in the program allows you to choose an individual treat- ment for each patient without models and standards. It is not surprising that many doctors, having tested Metatron in practice, are shaken by its capabilities, for them it becomes a motivation and prospects for the development in the profession. At the same time, I in no way want to set our technology against tradi- tional medicine, on the contrary, I am convinced that these techniques complement each other.

Q: What is the operating principle of the device?

A: Each person has an individual wave spectrum. By removing frequency characteristics from a biological object, our equipment can compare them in terms of spectral similarity with reference processes (healthy,

























hensive comparison with the wave characteristics of pathological processes and thereby identify the most effective drug. The variety of treatment programs that Metatron offers as a result fills me with enthu- siasm every time, despite the fact that I was directly involved in its creation. The device makes serious demands on the doctor who works on it. In order to effectively use all its capabilities, you need to under- stand the medical currents that are programmed in it. Thanks to Metatron, I studied homeopathy, Bach flower-based essences, iridology, and now I’m stud- ying quantum physics. Our technology is suitable for

























those doctors who think broadly and are constantly learning something new. Such people are usually leaders, sometimes ahead of their time, so I believe that we have the future.

Q: Metatron has the most powerful preventive potential, but if we talk about serious diseases, such as oncology or autoimmune diseases, will the device be enough for their diagnosis and treatment?

A:   An important question. To answer it, it should be

clarified that Metatron is regularly certified in Russia and abroad. In 2005, it was entered into the State Register of Medical Equipment with the issuance

of a corresponding Registration Certificate. In 2007,


through six stages of development, and if you notice

pathologic tissues, infectious agents) and identify                                                                                                                                                                         

it successfully completed certification for compliance


it in the first five stages, a person will remain healthy.

Unfortunately, traditional diagnostic methods don’t have it in them, and our development sees in- apparent diseases. Therefore, the powerful preventive potential of Metatron is the first thing I would pay attention to. The second is a colossal visualization program, which is included in the device. I came

the closest pathological process or tendencies to its occurrence. The use of this non-invasive technology allows you to reduce the examination time and get the maximum amount of information about dysfunc- tional changes in the body. A remarkable feature of the method is drug testing. The hardware-software complex “Metatron” has the ability to record the fre-

The hardware and software complex “Metatron” has the ability to record the frequency fluctuations of any drug, conduct a comprehensive comparison with the wave characteristics of pathological processes and thereby identify the most effective drug.

with the requirements of the international standard ISO 13485 and regularly confirms it at the British Standards Institute (BSI — author’s note) — this is first-class performance certification. In 2012, the Institute of Practical Psychophysics was success- fully registered with the American Administration for the Control of Medicines and Food Products


to the conclusion that the main purpose of a doctor

quency fluctuations of any drug, conduct a compre-                                                                                                                                                                    

FDA (Food and Drug Administration — author’s


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Coronavirus molecule (SARS-CoV-2)


note). So, the certificates state that there are certain limitations in working with the device: it cannot be used for the treatment of oncological, acute men- tal, acute infectious diseases. But no one can forbid research work with such patients, and I can say that the device shows good results. I can’t help but share our research in the field of rehabilitation and treat- ment of patients with COVID-19. The medical world community stands in full solidarity with the opin- ion that this virus has a quantum-wave nature. Luc Montagnier, a Nobel laureate who will turn ninety this year, said that the conversation with the virus should be conducted in its own language and created the Health Institute in Paris with the Department of Bioresonance. With the help of our development, we provide the therapy that Montagnier is talking about: we create an antiphase with quantum wave spectra. In Mexico, our device is used in clinics where more than two hundred people work. All employees regu- larly used information preparations with an inverted spectrum of coronavirus, made with the help of the hardware and software complex “Metatron”. So,

for three years, not a single employee has fallen ill. They are so impressed that they are gratefully talking about our development from the largest TV channels in the country. Complications after covid manifest themselves after six months or a year, and Metatron is able to diagnose the beginnings of future diseases and choose the optimal preventive treatment.


Q: Why is such a unique device still in the sidelines in Russia?

A: I think we have already gone a long way: we declared bioresonance as a medical device, and the devel- opment was certified by the Ministry of Health and entered into the register of Rospotrebnadzor. In the private sector, the demand for Metatron is growing year by year. I get yards of positive feedback from doc- tors who work with the device. Increasingly, it is used for spa treatment, including in such large sanatoriums as Kivach in Karelia, Luciano in Kazan, Foros in the Crimea. And in connection with the spread of corona- virus and the development of telemedicine, I believe that such technologies are the thing of the future.

Q: Tell us, in which countries is the device already used?

A: We work with partners from Europe, America, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, India,  and  China. But, probably, our largest partner is Japan. Now we are preparing to complete the state certification in Japan. We keep in touch with all partners through representatives in their countries. We organize edu- cational programs for regular technical support, and the equipment adapts to the specifics of medicine,

nutrition, medicinal and plant-based preparations of a particular country or region.

Q: I heard that the device aroused special interest in the Vatican. Please tell us more about this.

A: Vladimir Igorevich and I presented our technology in the Vatican, and the Pope’s personal masseur was very impressed by our development. As a result, the device was purchased by the Vatican, and they used it very actively. Similarly, the Orthodox Church accepts our development with great enthusiasm. For example, on Valaam, Metatron is used to treat monks and parish- ioners. Moreover, we have always received the blessing of the priests to carry out our research and practice.

Q: I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be satisfied with what

has already been achieved. What goals do you set for yourself?

A: I want our development to become open to public. So that everyone has the opportunity to regular-

ly screen their body using our device and thereby prevent the progress of diseases at origin. Health and disease are the two extreme poles of a long chain of various dysfunctions. Somewhere in between there is a point of recovery or a neutral state. It is the one that serves an ultimate goal of treatment for most over- worked doctors. I’d like to see the focus of medicine moves to the optimal health acquisition, whereby the quality of life changes, and a person lives a full-on life, using all the possibilities of his body and con- sciousness.


Talker: Nika Kashekova

Photo: courtesy of V. Nesterova