I. Nesterova

Corresponding member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences

General Director of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics  


Our thoughts affect our life and health.

Most of the specialists in the field of classical (Newtonian) physics study how an object functions and interacts at the level of neurochemistry, biology and genetic expression.

But the Universe consists of energy and information – this is a scientifically proven fact. The predominance of mind over matter is a quantum reality. The power of thought determines health. This is quantum physics and reality.

All great scientists prove this level of definition of matter: 5% is the analytical mind, 95% is the subconscious.

Epigenetic neuroplasticity determines our body. It is the energy of faith, love, and compassion that changes our biogenetics, neurochemistry, and genetic expression.

With the help of the NLS-diagnostics systems – hardware-software system “Metatron”, it is registered that certain frequencies of the electric field can affect DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, control of genes regulation and expression, stimulate the growth of nerve cells, influence cell division and differentiation, and give specific cells commands to unite into tissues and organs.

Once a person enjoys a new experience, perceives something in a new way or understands it, he immediately changes at the neural level, as well as biochemically and genetically. This means that we can activate new genes with a single thought. This is the predominance of mind over matter.

Epigenetics – the influence of environmental signals on the gene, starts its development. We are not preprogrammed by our genes. Changes in consciousness and behavior can lead to changes in the body.

Our DNA code is unchanged, but the entire genome has many millions of epigenetic variations. Thus, genes can be activated or deactivated by the environment outside a cell. But both the environment inside a body (emotional state, biological, neurochemical, psychological, energetic and spiritual components of existence), and the external environment (temperature, humidity, toxins, bacteria, viruses, food, alcohol) affect it.

Since each atom has its own energy field, when they come together and form molecules, they also combine their information fields, and emit integrated individual energy signature. Then we also emit our own specific energy signatures. We invariably disseminate information in the form of electromagnetic energy based on the state of our existence.

When we change our energy to change the representation or perception of ourselves and our life, in fact, we increase the frequency of atoms and molecules of our physical body, thereby strengthening our energy field.

Using our consciousness, we create more energy, raising matter to a new frequency, and our body reacts to a new state of consciousness. And when we reach an elevated level of consciousness and energy, it is these elements that affect matter, since matter is generated by reducing frequency and information.

Chronic stress and its consequences will lower our energy progressively. This means that less and less consciousness, energy and information, in other words – a certain program of our body, will be shared by the atoms, molecules and chemicals of our body. This creates a misalignment among atoms and molecules and leads to a weakening of the interconnection signal.

The more our body is a matter, and not energy, the more obviously we fall under the second law of thermodynamics – the law of entropy, according to which material things in the Universe tend to self-destruction – an increase of a noise in a system, the level of which we evaluate with the help of an HSS “Metatron”. In this case, consistency (coherence) should be understood as a synchronous rhythm or orderliness, and inconsistency as the absence of rhythm, order or synchronicity.

When our body responds to a new way of thinking, at this exact moment we raise matter to a new consciousness. We bring the disease, which exists as a decrease in frequency, to a higher frequency level. And we force our atoms and molecules, chemicals and cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body to function from the field of more organized information.

It’s like receiving a radio station with interference. We turn the tuning knob in search of a clear signal and suddenly the noise disappears and we hear music. Our brain and nervous system do the same thing, tuning into higher and more consistent frequencies. When this happens, we no longer obey the law of entropy. We experience reverse entropy, and the consistent signatures of the energy field around our body put us outside the laws of classical physics.

Since the quantum field is an invisible information field, it is a frequency beyond space and time, where the substance of all things comes from, and it consists of consciousness and energy, then everything material in the Universe is united inside this field and connected to it. We are fused together – personally and universally, by our inner and outer world, existing in the field that gives life, information and consciousness to all things.

The quantum law states that all potentials coexist simultaneously. Thoughts and feelings can affect all aspects of life without the involvement of temporal and spatial boundaries. The quantum field responds only when thoughts and emotions are consistent with each other – when positive emotions are superimposed on clearly formulated conscious intentions.

If, by changing the state of existence, we create a new electromagnetic field corresponding to one of the potentials in the quantum information field, from the perspective of quantum theory, we, as observers, will need to move into a new state of existence and change our electromagnetic emission.

A change in life is a change in energy, the foundation for the restructuring of thoughts and emotions.

The Nesterov – Van Hoven theory of entropic logic indicates the true cause of any events hidden from us. Anyone who is equipped with knowledge of the basic provisions of this discipline and has the necessary equipment that will allow him to know the alternating program of high and low terminal fields potentials (good and bad times in life) of any person, social or other material structures, considering their mutual influences, can control and manage any events, including health, for own benefit.